THERE has been a flood of comments following our report on teenage gangs driving families away from the award-winning Hive library at peak times.

While many readers praised staff, others agree that the venue is becoming unsuitable for young children due to the behaviour of some youngsters.

rubalish said: “I went into the Hive for the first time a couple of weeks ago with my grandson after a visit to the cinema.

“I felt very threatened by the appalling behaviour of some teenagers who were asking for a fight with this lad.

“We left as the language was vile I asked the guard to escort us past them.”

moicar2 said: “I tried taking my grandson there on Saturdays, but quickly realised it was not an appropriate place for a young child.

“The language and behaviour of an element of some of the young users was just unacceptable.

“My sympathies are with the staff who are having to deal with this behaviour instead of doing the job that they are trained to do.”

While rozzyraspberry said: “I am a student at the university and I have to completely agree. My fellow third years and I find it incredibly difficult to find decent study spaces away from drunks and disrespectful teens and academic resources are muddled up with non-academic resources.”

Other comments inc-luded ladyD123 who said: “The powers that be at the Hive need to have a serious think about who they wish to have as patrons and do something about it.”

Landy44 said: “There is no excuse for bad behaviour and certainly no one should feel that they have to stay away from a resource they helped pay for and that they are entitled to use.”

However, some readers say that the majority of young people using the facilities are polite and well behaved. MasterKate said: “The Hive has let the young people in and let that culture build up until the student mentors got in and they are doing their utmost to change the culture now.

“It’s also a small number of young people. Most are well mannered and they just want somewhere they can go instead of just hanging around.”

CJH said: “It has to be said of course that families also are the cause of a lot of the noise at the Hive. Why do parents allow their little darlings to run up and down shouting and screaming?”