A LANDLADY has spoken of her disgust after a Radio 1 DJ allegedly bit her during a scuffle at a gig he was doing in her hotel.

Kate Trussell, of the Bridge Hotel in Tenbury Wells, said JK - real name Jason Griffiths - sank his teeth into her wrist after she tried to escort him from the premises following Friday night's set.

She said the incident started when the DJ, who is from Tenbury, complained that the hotel's new £15,000 sound system was not loud enough.

She said that JK, whom her 33-year-old boyfriend, landlord Bobby Webb describes as an old school friend, started using the hotel's old speakers, which she said she was not pleased about.

The 25-year-old said the pair exchanged words.

"At the end of the night I said I wasn't very happy with the way he spoke to me," she said.

She said they argued and she asked him to leave.

"I went to get up and his sister, Juliana, came up and started shouting at me and said I couldn't speak to him like that," she said.

"There was a lot of shouting going on between the two parties.

"I said just go and get out and put my arms round him to get him to leave.

"His sister just jumped up again from nowhere and attacked me - she ripped my necklace off and ripped my top. I pushed her as if to say get off me and he pushed me back.

"I fell against the wall, I had my arms in front of his face and he bit my left wrist.

"I just think it's disgusting - you can't go round doing that."

She said although the dj's teeth did not break her skin, she was left with bruising and was treated at the town's hospital.

She said she e-mailed Radio One demanding a written apology, which she has not received.

Mr Webb said: "It just seemed really out of character. It was as if he's got really big-headed.

"I won't have him back - not after he's done this."

A spokjesman for Radio One said: "It's a private matter for Jason and we have not received any official complaint."