A HUMANE food group has joined the fight against plans to build a broiler farm for 80,000 chicken’s in the Worcestershire countryside – and urged opponents of the plan to stop eating chicken at all.

Edward Davies has submitted a plan for the development on land at Upton Snodsbury, near Worcester, which is set to be considered by Wychavon District Council.

Now Worcestershire Vegans and Veggies (WVV) has posted leaflets through houses in the villages surrounding the proposed farm’s location, calling for people to not only back the campaign but to stop eating chicken altogether.

In the leaflets, the group urges Wychavon to reject the plan and says they also intend to write to all the 45 of its councillors, asking them to stop the farm being built.

Ronald Lee of WVV said: “We wanted to highlight the appalling suffering caused to chickens by such broiler units, where these birds are condemned to a miserable, short life in horrific conditions.

“Not only do we not want this broiler farm to be constructed near Upton Snodsbury, we do not want these terrible places to be built or exist anywhere, which will sadly continue to happen for as long as people consume the chickens they produce.”

This latest call for action follows a campaign group set up by villagers from Upton Snodsbury, Cowsden, Naunton Beauchamp, North Piddle and Flyford Flavell, which met in May to discuss how best to oppose the development on land to the north east of Froghall bungalow in Naunton Road. They are set to meet again on Thursday, June 20, at St Kenelm’s Church in Upton Snodsbury at 7.30pm.

Ian Pick Associates, the applicant’s agent, said the farm would comply with the Environmental Protection Regulations.

“In terms of the concerns of local people on smells and noise, this is taken into account,” a statement said.

“The proposed poultry unit requires an Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control permit, administered by the Environment Agency. The permit offers a guarantee that the unit operates to the best standards, and neighbours are protected from adverse impacts, including odour and noise. We can confirm the proposed poultry unit will not adversely impact on the living conditions of any neighbouring residents.”

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