A WOMAN who died after setting fire to herself in a shed did not intend to kill herself, a coroner has found.

Caroline Crisp of Millend, Elmley Castle, near Pershore, died on Monday June 10, nearly three months after the incident.

Speaking at the inquest at Stourport Coroners Court today, senior coroner Geraint Williams said the doctor at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, where the 49-year-old mother-of-two was airlifted following the incident on Monday, March 18, had recorded her cause of death as multi-organ failure caused by full thickness burns across 60 per cent of her body.

Mrs Crisp’s husband Nicholas said his wife – who had suffered from depression for more than 10 years and had begun to suffer severe headaches in February this year – had assured him on many occasions that she had no intention to kill herself and he was convinced she had not done so deliberately.

“There was no note left and I had spoken to her on the phone 30 minutes prior to the fire,” he said.

“She had just had something to eat and that conversation was like any other we had when I had rung to see how she was doing.

“She didn’t give any indication that was our last call.

“I think what she did was an act to try and take away the headaches and anxiety she had.”

Mrs Crisp’s father Michael Wood agreed, saying: “She had a wonderful husband and a wonderful family.

“There was no reason for her to take her life and she never indicated she would do so,” he said.

Mr Williams said firefighters who were called to the scene in March had ruled out the possibility that anyone else was involved, but that no petrol container had been found in the remains of the shed.

However, Mr Crisp said the entire shed and its contents had been burned to the ground and he was sure a petrol container had been in there.

Recording a conclusion of accidental death, Mr Williams said Mrs Crisp had become “desperate” as a result of the pain she was feeling.

“I am satisfied that she would not have intentionally taken her own life but she would have deliberately done an act to ease the pain,” he said.

“Nothing I can say make any of this any easier, I accept that.

“Please accept my condolences to you and the rest of your family.”