WE’VE reached a crucial crossroads in British politics where more and more people are adopting a cynical attitude to those we elect.

Indeed, the Conservative Party is now believed to have less than 100,000 members across the country, something that is flummoxing activists from Worcester to Carlisle.

To put the current tally into context, in the party’s heydays of the 1950s three million Britons were paid up Tories and as recently as 2005 it was 258,000.

But this shocking decline is by no means confined to one party - Labour membership peaked at one million in the 1950s, and is now said to be around the 200,000 mark.

So what can be done about it - and what’s happening in Worcestershire to try and give our leaders a better night’s sleep over the problem?

Mid-Worcestershire Conservative Association has stepped in to help - with what looks distinctively like a begging letter passed to the media.

A press release has been issued asking for residents to join the branch, insisting “membership only costs £25 per year” (don’t all rush at once).

The email says it’s a chance to “meet new people”, “assist with campaigns” and proudly declares “now is the opportunity” to get involved as a new MP will be selected soon for the 2015 General Election.

I first started reporting on politics nearly a decade ago and this is the first membership ‘come and join us’ plea I’ve ever seen.

Readers of this column will be wondering how exciting it will be for those who are considering taking the plunge and parting with £25.

Earlier this week we reported how the Electoral Reform Society said votes in Mid-Worcestershire are among the most “worthless” in Britain at election time because Tory victories are so certain.

In 2010 all parties spent just £14,000 campaigning in the constituency - around 29p per vote, to be exact. Exciting times indeed!

* LAST week The Source told you about much-travelled Labour Councillor Alan Amos, fresh back from Russia, who claims to have visited around 160 countries in the world.

The news has got the rumour mill spinning at the Guildhall, especially as such a tally would have required trips to at least three new destinations every year, for his entire life.

Not a bad effort for a politician who lists his employment status as ‘none’ in his register of interests.

As Coun Richard Udall, a colleague, puts it: “We think he’s actually a CIA agent.”