PILES of rubbish have been cleaned up from a Worcester play area – including worm and fly-infested clothes, a car tyre, plastic bottles, glass, crisp packets and cardboard.

A group of volunteers – including four councillors – teamed up to spruce up the playing fields off Field Walk, Battenhall, near Cherry Orchard Primary School.

The event saw two political rivals uniting for the common good – with three Tory politicians working with Worcester Green Party to make it happen.

Following the hour-long session at 10am last Saturday, the volunteers left with about 15 bags of rubbish.

Councillor Matthew Jen-kins, ofWorcester Green Party, said: “Because the area we focused on was relatively small we were able to cover it really well.

“There was a lot of rubbish – we picked up bottles, glass, plastic, a car tyre, bits of wood, a real hotch-potch.

“The area clearly needed the attention and we are hoping to get it going more regularly, like we do with the (Worcester-Birmingham) canal.”

Councillor Roger Knight, a former cabinet member for the environment, who represents St Peter’s, was also among those to take part.

They focused on the park itself and the area around Duck Brook.

Coun Knight said: “It was a real success, and it showed if you look deep into the undergrowth, just what you can find.

“We found metal, a large bit of plastic, a tyre – quite a lot of rubbish.”

Councillors Marc Bayliss, and David Tibbutt, both from the Conservative Party, also took part, as well as nearby residents.

Local resident Steve Mackay, a retired policeman, who has been named as the Conservative candidate for Battenhall in next year’s city council elections, said: “It was great to come together to help clear up this important local facility.

“It is amazing what you can get done in a small amount of time.”

Mr Mackay wants to organise more volunteer-led clean-ups in Worcester, and says he is happy for residents to suggest other suitable areas.

He can be contacted on 01905 24058.