BARGAIN hunters cleaned up when a supermarket dropped the price of one of its Cilit Bang products to just 2p.

An eagle-eyed shopper at Worcester’s Asda store, in St Martin’s Quarter, spotted the saving and quickly posted her find to deal sharing website Hot UK Deals.

And, much like the cleaning brand’s catchphrase, it was a case of “Bang! And the deal was gone” as savvy shoppers managed to buy up all the remaining bottles, which usually retail for between £2 and £4.

The bargain spotter, who goes under the name ‘Kadieb’ on the website,, told users that staff could not confirm whether it was a glitch or not when she bought the cleaning product on Tuesday morning.

However, Asda spokeswoman Bee Rycroft, from the supermarket’s head office in Leeds, explained the bargain price had not been down to a computer error but was in fact a very generous end-of-line mark-down.

She said: “It is great news for those customers who spotted it in store in time and grabbed themselves an even bigger bargain than normal.”

Websites such as Hot UK Deals allow savvy shoppers to quickly share glitches at the tills before supermarket staff catch on.

Thousands of customers took advantage of a computer glitch at Tesco stores in October 2011 which meant they could purchase Terry’s Chocolate Oranges which usually retail at £2.75, for 29p.

Hundreds of smug shoppers posted pictures of their hauls online alerting others to the error.

Other recent bargains include an £18 Tesco purple and white crockery set selling for just 56p at the tills at the start of October.

It seemed that shoppers from Worcester may have missed out on the bargain, though, with Hot UK Deals user AnnaMak posting: “Well Worcester Tesco has Teal £9, Red £18, Lime £15 but no blooming purple.”