A DOG owner claims her best friend has supernatural abilities and has warned her of impending disaster.

Daisy, a four-year-old cockerpoo – a cocker spaniel crossed with a poodle – started showing her “psychic talents” when she was involved in a crash in Worcester.

Owner Judy Owen said she was acting very out of character when it happened in February.

“It all started when I was going up Deansway and she began to howl, which is very unlike her, and getting very agitated,” she said.

“I shouted at her to sit and calm down and three minutes later this guy came up behind me and smashed into the back of me, sending me headlong into a wall and wrote my car off.”

The second incident did not happen until months later when, in the early hours of the morning, Daisy woke up and became almost impossible to calm down.

“On the night of Sunday, October 27, we went to bed as normal. However, at 4am she suddenly awoke and began rushing around my apartment – nothing seemed to quieten her,” Ms Owen said.

“After about half an hour I persuaded her to come back into the bedroom where she jumped up on the bed and lay horizontally next to me, pushing her little body against mine.

“Two hours later, there was a huge explosion in the bathroom. My glass shower door had exploded and sent pieces of glass everywhere.

“Maybe she heard the glass cracking first. I didn’t know what was going to happen but she seemed to sense something. If it had happened two hours later I would, without a doubt, have been very badly injured.”

Ms Owen, who lives in Spring Lane, has had Daisy since she was 10 weeks old and has spent all her time with her, which she believed may have been why she had become so intuitive and able to pick these kinds of signals up from Daisy when she sensed something.

She was a very quiet dog and Ms Owen said her getting worked up the way she did when something was going to happen was very out of character for her, so whenever she may do it in the future she would be very worried about what could be about to happen.

The pup spent her days at work with Ms Owen at her boutique, YOUplus, in Friar Street, Worcester, and had even been in your Worcester News when she was praised for helping clean up her local canal by collecting cans and bottles on her daily walks.

“I think she saw me always picking the rubbish up and picked up the habit herself,” Ms Owen said. “She’s almost human really, like a little child. She’s a lovely dog.

“Their whole being is to please us and look after us and that’s how I think it is with Daisy.”