A PARISH councillor has protested that the dumping of “highly toxic” asbestos in his village is “disgusting”.

Piles of asbestos have been found in three separate locations in and around Bishampton in recent weeks, leaving people concerned.

A dozen sheets of asbestos roofing were dumped in Broad Lane along with a similar amount near Shorthorn Wood. A further pile was left in Throckmorton Road by the entrance to the rubbish tip.

Parish councillor Rodney Hodgkins said: “It’s disgusting. We’ve had stuff dumped in the village before and haven’t seen a prosecution. Obviously some people were doing a roofing job and dumping it.

“I think it’s terrible. People should be aware this is a highly carcinogenic material which is just being dumped in the village by some ne'er-do- wells who just don’t care a whit for people or the material they are handling.

“These are people who really have no social conscience at all who go around dumping this sort of stuff. It makes the place look a mess and is highly toxic.”

A spokesman for Wychavon District Council said they would have to call in specialists to remove the toxic waste but it is hoped it will be taken away this week.

Dave Roberts, Wychavon’s environmental crime officer, said: “We need to stop this irresponsible behaviour. If you see anyone dumping rubbish, ring us on our Environmental crime hotline on 01386 565018. Evidence is vital to helping us prosecute the perpetrators.”