HERE’S one dog who will be enjoying his Christmas Day scraps after he was rescued from a deep well.

Malvern firefighters, along with crews from Leintwardine and Bromyard, were called to Wigmore, near Leominster, to haul black labrador Deegan to safety after he fell more than 65 feet down a well.

The pet was reunited with its owner, who has not been named, after the crew worked together in challenging circumstances to save Deegan.

Nic Browning, watch commander at Malvern fire station, described the incident as “both difficult and interesting”.

The crew had to use their additional line and water rescue skills and their enhanced life-saving trauma abilities.

Mr Browning said: “On arrival at the incident just outside the village of Wigmore, the line team made contact with the distraught owner and attending crews from Leintwardine and Bromyard, who had managed the safety of the scene.

“Following an assessment of the incident, firefighter Jamie Skipworth was lowered into the well down the 65 foot to the location where the labrador, Deegan, had come to rest on a small ledge above the water.”

He added: “Firefighter Skipworth secured Deegan in a specialist harness before both were hauled to the surface and safety.

“Apart from a few cuts, a very wet and cold labrador was returned safely to an extremely grateful owner.”

The accident happened on the morning of Friday, December 20.