THIS video reveals how one person made the most of the recent floods in Worcester - by wakeboarding.

The man, understood to be Worcester wakeboarder Alec Foster, is seen on the banks of the flooded river Severn, being dragged by a rope, which witnesses claim was attached to a generator.

It is understood the video was taken from outside Brown's Wine Bar in the city.

Christopher Ritson, who posted a video of the exploits on YouTube (below), wrote: "A great clip I took when I was near the river Severn in Worcester.

"By pure chance, when I called in to town and saw someone about to reel in some rope using a generator/engine, it just happened to have a water skier attached to the other end."

Do you know who the wakeboarder is? Were you there when he took to the waves? Drop us a line by email, call 01905 742249, or tweet us using @worcesternews.


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