I’m writing this on Blue Monday. Apparently today (that is, yesterday) is officially the most depressing day of the year.

It’s the day when most people return to work after the long festive break, made worse by the realisation that they spent January’s money on Christmas and have eaten 10 tins of Quality Street and their body weight in Stilton.

Not a very cheery combination, especially when January offers very little to look forward to.

It’s not hard to see how yesterday earned its forlorn title.

To be honest, Blue Monday was not a major problem for us at WN Towers.

There aren’t many advantage to staying open over Christmas and New Year, but at least you can’t get back-to-work blues, when you’re already back at work!

If you did return to work yesterday, you may have missed Paul Hollywood’s wife appearing on Lorraine’s breakfast sofa.

Alex Hollywood was launching her new career as a TV cook and author.

For those who don’t know, the Hollywoods have made plenty of media headlines this year after Mr Hollywood – of Great British Bake Off fame – temporarily left his wife following a high-profile yet shortlived affair with his much younger American co-host Marcela Valladolid.

We’re led to believe – not least from the couple’s own Twitter accounts – that the marriage is now back on track.

But it wasn’t surprising that Mrs Hollywood was feeling a little sorry for herself yesterday.

While carefully stepping around the whole affair issue, she told Lorraine: “It has been a tough year.

It’s really hard when you have your life splashed all over the papers.”

Just a thought – but I think perhaps Mrs Hollywood should look a little closer to home that ‘the papers’ for someone to blame for her annus horribilis, and then think very, very hard before launching her own lucrative ‘celebrity’ career on the back of her husband’s moment in the tabloid spotlight.