A CALCULATING customer has taken a Worcester supermarket to task for its poor maths, claiming mathematical mistakes could mislead shoppers about exactly what bargain they are getting.

Kevin Gaffney was left fiscally frustrated after coming across the mistake while shopping at the Tesco store in Mill Wood Drive, Warndon Villages, Worcester.

Retired Mr Gaffney saw two displays of blueberries next to each other, one offering 200g punnets of the fruit for £2, averaging £10 per kilogram.

Next to it was a shelf selling 350g punnets for £2.99, but the labelling wrongly said this worked out at £11.96 per kilo, when in fact it was £8.54.

Thankfully, the former finance director, of Viarage Lane, Claines, near Worcester, used his skills to sum up the situation and identify the error, avoiding getting the blues himself.

However, he has hit out at the store, claiming shoppers could have been confused by the mistake, which Tesco said has now been rectified and denied anyone would have been over or undercharged.

“I get fed up with it,” said Mr Gaffney, who is in his mid-fifties.

“It’s not the first time I’ve seen errors. The 350g is the best value, but it wasn’t priced like that. People don’t have time to do this sort of maths when they’re shopping.”

A Tesco spokesman said shoppers would not have been overcharged for the blueberries, as the price was correct, just not the price-per-kilogram figure.

“The error on the shelf label has now been corrected,” he said.

“We would like to reassure customers that they would not have been overcharged.”

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