PERFORMING on stage with her husband Jay-Z at last week's Grammys, it was clear to see the effects a 22-day vegan diet had on singer Beyoncé.

Much has been written in celebrity magazines about the Drunk in Love singer temporarily turning vegan but Worcestershire Vegans and Veggies Group said it was often approached by people looking to do similar things.

Members were busy promoting Veganuary, turning vegan for January, during the Cruelty Free Christmas Fayre held in the city in December and had a great response from shoppers.

As well as giving up animal products for a month or more, the group also spoke to a lot of people interested in reducing their consumption of meat, eggs and dairy.

Ronald Lee, communications officer, said: "A lot of people were coming up to us interested in trying it for short periods of time and we do get a proportion who go on to become vegan permanently.

"When they have tried it they realise it isn't so difficult after all and realise all the lovely food you can make and how easy it is to get the nutrients which makes people stick to it."

"It depends on what is best for the individual and we're always happy to talk to people about different ways of reducing their intake."

As Beyoncé is reportedly set to try a second stint at the 22-day vegan diet, Mr Lee said public figures like the singer help to bring publicity to the diet.

"I'm not a big fan of celebrity figures but nevertheless if a celebrity does speak publicly about being vegan or vegetarian it does give it a lot of publicity and gets people thinking about it."

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