NAKED and topless dancers will soon be cavorting on stage with a series of raunchy routines when a controversial lap-dancing club opens its doors this Friday.

Your Worcester News reporter was given a sneak peak inside the Black Cherry Gentlemen's Club in Lowesmoor and met one of the dancers ahead of its opening night on Friday (March 28). Organisers have promised a series of celebrity visitors in the next few weeks but have so-far remained tight-lipped about who they will be.

The interior has a purple and black colour scheme with a sprinkle of gold and heavy use of mood lighting to generate atmosphere. With sparkly purple carpets, gold Versace sofas, large ornate gold-framed mirrors, winged cherub ornaments and two flame simulators on either side of the stage, the club looks set to ignite interest when it opens its doors between 9pm and midnight, offering free entry to guests. The club has nine private dance rooms - three "opulent" VIP rooms and six standard booths. On opening night 20 dancers are set to perform but after that there will be about 15 girls a night. The dance booths have panic alarms and the venue is monitored by 39 high definition, infrared night vision cameras for the security of customers, dancers and staff.

The purple theme is constant with purple urinals, toilet seats, carpets, lockers recycled from the Olympic Village in London and purple armchairs. Jobs at the venue have been much sought after with 760 applications for just seven bar and reception jobs.

Dancer Amelia, 21-year-old a single student at the University of Worcester, who did not wish to give her real name, said: "I love it. I think it's really smart , classy and up-to-date. I love the colour. The money I get is helping me through my course and helping me pay tuition fees.

"You get to meet lots of new people as well as the other dancers who become your friends. Dancers are treated very well. We're here of our own accord. Nobody is making us come here. It has made my life a lot easier. I will have to pay debts of around £12,500 for three years. This helps me to get ahead."

The club will be open seven days a week, 9pm to 4pm on weekdays and Sundays and 9pm to 4.30am on Saturdays. The front is blacked out so no-one can see inside from the street while the doors are a specialist acoustic variety which help with sound-proofing to reduce any disturbance.

A spokesman for the club said: "We're trying to make it as classy and upmarket as we can. People will be disappointed that it is not as sleazy or seedy as they hoped it might it be." The dress code is smart and licensed security staff will be present at all times. Managers hope to organise charity events in future with a particular focus on helping wounded soldiers, including amputees. There are also plans for ladies' nights with male dancers and, working with Lee Winters of The Flag, nights catering for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender customers.

Plans to open a club in the former Images and Funk nightclub in The Butts were withdrawn by the applicant after complaints. But Ash Patel succeeded in getting the old DNA premises licence transferred to him.