A GRANDMOTHER from Malvern who battled – and beat – serious mental illness has published an illustrated book of short poems which she hopes will help other people fighting similar problems.

Julia Morgan’s book A Woman’s Poetic Manual features 22 poems on the subject of mental health, all based on her personal experiences, and illustrated by Pat Handley.

After no previous history of mental illness Ms Morgan, of Tan House Lane, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in December 1989 and was sectioned under the Mental Health Act the same year first in 1989 and a further two times in later years while also dealing with the breakdown of her 19-year marriage.

Undergoing electro-convulsive therapy – the controversial treatment also known as ECT which involves passing an electrical current through the brain to induce an epileptic fit – and with the help and support of doctors, family, friends and her Christian faith, was recently discharged.

Today Ms Morgan hopes to inspire others with her example.

She described A Woman’s Poetic Manual as: “An inspirational book for the enquiring reader”.

“Revealingly honest in its rawness, simplicity and transparency, it is humbling yet tough.

“The story is of one woman’s striving and grappling for her sanity whilst bringing up a young family.

“The book tells the story of her experience of sliding into depression, transcending the illness and achieving full recovery.

It has an optimistic and positive energy running throughout offering hope and encouragement to its readers.

“With deep insight she shares some touching moments and experiences which can equally be shared by both sexes.”

Today Ms Morgan works as a theatre receptionist at Worcestershire Royal Hospital, a job she has held for the last nine years, and previously served as a governor and chairman of the curriculum and standards committee at Malvern’s St Matthias C of E Primary School.

A proportion of the profits from sales of the book will go towards mental health charity Bipolar UK.

A Woman’s Poetic Manual is available from publishers Aspect Design in Newtown Road or Amazon.co.uk