A UNIQUE market came to Worcester this weekend, offering a range of locally made products.

The Worcester Arts Craft, Food and Drink market set up 50 stalls in the city centre, selling a range of foods and drinks as well as pictures, sculptures and more- all of which are made and sold by locally.

Steve Boffy, company director of Boffy Arts Markets which organised the event in partnership with Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce, said: "This is the only market around like this, in the sense that every single thing is produced with in a 40 mile radius of Worcester, and eery trader has to have made the products they are selling themselves.

"It's attracted people rom outside Worcester which is good for su and the city, and helps raise the profile of Worcester. People will associate Worcester with high quality markets."

People gathered around the stalls to see what was on offer on the stalls on Saturday, April 5.