A NINE-year-old Worcester school boy uncovered some unknown family history when he took his homework project to the next level.

Ben Portlock, who goes to St Clement's C of E Primary School in St John's, was told he had to do a project on someone that inspired him.

So he chose to look at the life of his great-great grandad and discovered he was actually closer to him 100 years on than he realised when the research showed they went to the same school.

Ben's great-great grandad Arthur Jones, and his brother George, in fact attended also attended St Clement's Primary School in the early 1890s, something previously unknown by the family.

Helen Portlock, Ben's mum, said: "We had discovered some books, or my father had, in the loft over the holidays and they happened to be his great-great grandad's and his brother's.

"They belonged to them and had some school cards in and they were from St Clement's School. We were really amazed because we had no idea they had gone to the same school."

The family discovered the two men, aged 17 and 19, left to join the Worcester Regiment 10th Battalion and went to fight in World War One.

Sadly George was killed, but he is remembered on a plaque at the school where his great-great-great nephew now attends.

"Arthur carried on fighting," added Mrs Portlock. "A lot of the information we got came from speaking to family. My dad had already done some research years ago. But we had been coming to the school for four years and we had no idea."

Ben added: "Mostly my grandad found it but we did some research on the computer together. I really enjoyed it. I think seeing where his grave was in France was the most exciting and seeing the name on the plaque and the war memorial at the church."

The youngster will now present his project to the school, which he said he was nervous and excited to do with headteacher Kate Brunt.

She said: "As a result of doing his homework he has found out so much. I think it was exciting because his great-great grandad got 100 perceny attendance and we do a lot with attendance now. We are going to celebrate it in our centenary assembly."