ACTRESS and model Elizabeth Hurley referred to Malvern crack house arrests on Twitter, jokingly telling her followers quiet country backwaters were always 'dens of iniquity'.

On Twitter the 48-year-old, who lives near Ledbury, referred to a story which featured in both the Malvern Gazette and the Worcester News about five more arrests in connection with a crack house at 95 Pickersleigh Grove in Malvern.

The Austin powers actress quoted a famous TV sleuth when she said in her tweet: "As Miss Marple always said, quiet country backwaters are dens of iniquity....."

Officers from West Mercia Police replied to Miss Hurley through their @MalvernCops Twitter account and said: "@ElizabethHurley tweeted about our crack house closure! One less den of iniquity now at least. #WeShouldTakeUpKnitting #MissMarple."



Elizabeth Hurley's tweet: