TRAVELLERS have moved onto a popular park in Malvern Link, causing residents to complain about noise, litter and lack of respect.

Five caravans and accompanying cars arrived in the town’s Victoria Park, in the middle of a residential area opposite Morgan Motor Company in Pickersleigh Road, on Saturday evening.

The park is owned by Malvern Town Council and a noticeboard in the car park warns that it is against byelaws to bring any vehicles onto the land.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, said he had called the police non-emergency number several times in the hope police might move them on but the travellers were still there on Monday.

He said noise from the visitors had been causing him problems.

“They’re being a right nuisance,” he said.

“The police say they’re going to have a show of force but they don’t.

“I have been up all night because they have been up and down all night in their cars, blaring their horns and generally not being considerate.

“This is a playing field for kids. They have also been playing music.

“Everyone in our road is annoyed with the rubbish, the noise and the general lack of respect and regard for residents.

“I am quite tired because they have been keeping me awake.”

A spokesman for West Mercia Police said: “It seems the travellers at Victoria Park playing fields were served code of conduct notices by officers and there have been extra patrols in that area over the weekend.

“There have been reports of a burglary – two drinks and two baguettes worth £7 – from a business in the area, an assault and two incidents of anti social behaviour.

“West Mercia Police is looking into these.

“We have also looked at the method used to gain entry to the playing fields and it seems there is no evidence of criminal damage.”

The park is due to play host to Malvern Armed Forces Day on Saturday, June 28.

“It brings together representatives from local armed forces and interest groups, charities, businesses and members of the public.

Travellers declined to give their names.

But a man said the group, which had Irish number plates on their vehicles, were only likely to be there for two more days.

He said: “Do you know where I can meet any nice men around here? Do you want to go for a walk?”

Another man said: “We don’t mind the words, but we don’t want any pictures in the newspaper. Remember, we know who you are.”

Nobody from Malvern Town Council was available to comment when your Worcester News went to press.

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