THE aliens may well have landed in Worcestershire, but one farmer says he wishes they would stop landing in his field and carrying out acts of “vandalism”.

A crop circle, featuring a star design, has appeared in a field off Harewell Lane, in Besford, near Pershore.

However, Edward Robinson, the farmer who owns the land and is also owner of haulage firm Robinsons of Worcester, says he is less than impressed that aliens have chosen to contact him – twice – after a similar circle appeared 12 months ago.

“We had something like this happen last year, where a crop circle popped up in our field,” he said.

“We had 18 reporters travel down from Mexico to film the crop circle.

“Last year I tolerated it because it was something different. This year it’s vandalism.”

Mr Robinson said he less than impressed when he first spotted the circle a week ago.

“I was angry when I saw it because it’s my milling wheat crop that has been ruined, costing me around £1,000,” he said.

“We have put signs up in the field asking people not to go and sit in it, but people just ignore them.

“We had a car full of people who had come down from the Netherlands to see it. At first they did pay attention to the signs and stood there outside the field looking forlorn.

“Then they made a £50 donation to a local church before sitting in the middle of the circle singing and wailing.”

Some people believe crop circles to be messages from alien beings, but Mr Robinson isn’t so sure, and thinks the design may have more to do with the Summer Solstice, which took place on June 21.

“If aliens did land in my field, I would rather they would just come in and say ‘hi’,” he said.

“But it’s people creeping in in the dead of night without asking any permission.

“It is obviously a very talented artist who has done this, because it is very well aligned and the accuracy is perfect. But it isn’t funny the second time.

“It may have been timed to be done in time for the summer solstice. I’m sure they would have done it on Friday 13th when it was a full moon but it was raining on that day.

“I can see why the average man in the street may find it interesting, as it is a spectacle.

“But for me it’s really annoying.”