IN most sheds there are a variety of every day objects.

An assortment of gardening tools, perhaps a few children's outdoor toys, a paddling pool and other bits and bobs that rarely see the light of day.

But Barry MacGabhann has transformed the 12 foot by 8 foot shed at the bottom of his garden on Henwick Road, St John's, into a fully stocked traditional pub.

His pride and joy took just a weekend to put together and the former publican, who ran pubs in Westminster and Victoria, had plenty of breweriana to make his homemade effort look authentic.

And unsurprisingly, friends and relatives often pop by for a pint while he and his partner Helen have happily held plenty of celebrations at the miniscule pub over the years.

Though it looks relatively small on the outside, inside it has a bar and stools, Sky television, karaoke machine as well as bar fridges and counter mountings.

Mr MacGabhann shared pictures of his pub on the Worcester News Facebook page after a plea to see unique and unusual sheds in Worcester during National Shed Week.

The 54-year-old said: "The usual response is "Oh my God" when people see it because they don't expect it.

"It just looks like a normal shed from the outside.

"It took a weekend to do. I had all the stuff and all I needed to do was paint the panels inside cream to give it a country pub feel."

Friends hand over flags from around the world for the ceiling, traditional pub mirrors hang on the wall and Champagne bottles saved over from important celebrations line the shelves.

Mr MacGabhann moved to Worcester eight years ago and had a pub in his shed at his previous home in Surrey.

Originally from Dublin, he worked in pubs serving tables from about 13 years old before starting an apprenticeship from ages 16 to 22.

He moved to England 30 years ago where he spent about 16 years in the pub trade.

During the World Cup, the shed has been the ideal spot to watch matches and Mr MacGabhann has been "squireling away" St Patrick's Day merchandise from other pubs.

"It's basically the place to go when you're having a bit of a party."

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