3/October 1914


In a letter from Pte P Wilde 2nd Worcestershires, writing from Stroud Hospital on 27th September, to his father Mr P Wilde 5 Paul Street Worcester;


"That morning was terrible. They had the range on us a treat. Shells were bursting all round. I fancy I can see them now.

"Poor old Jim was next to me the day before I got his shell wound. Jim cut my trousers and pulled a bullet from the back of my right knee.

"The officer told me to fall out and wait for the medical officer but I got Jim to tie it up and off we went again.

"I was limping about like a duck with a broken leg but I didn’t mind so long as I could get along for I wanted to be with the boys in the firing line.

"Second-lieutenant Smythe [who was killed shortly afterwards] asked me if I could stick it. I told him I could so we went about a mile and lay down to have some breakfast.

"Just as I was hit I said; "Oh Bill it has knocked my foot off. Pick it up for me.” he said "It is alright. Keep still" and he tied something round my leg to stop the blood running. Then the doctor came up."