From the archives of the Berrows Worcester Journal


Journal Leader column – “We are at War” - The tremor and the tumult have already been felt in every corner of the country. Naval and military mobilisation has caused dislocation and commotion everywhere.”

Worcester – A large number of Reservists en-trained from Worcester this morning and others are to follow this evening.

The men who left Shrub Hill Station were given tea by the Mayor, Alderman Hubert Leicester, and the Mayoress gave each man tobacco or cigarettes.

All branches of the Territorial Force in Worcester are now under mobilisation and recruits are urgently needed.

Special Reservists, numbering 600, are due at Norton Barracks tomorrow. Worcester grocery shops closed on Wednesday in the face of an unprecedented housewives’ rush for provisions and because of the need to re-stock from wholesalers.

Worcester retailers must not be reproached either for advancing prices.

It should be emphasised that there is no need for panic for food supplies. Already the effect of the war has been brought home in every household by the increased cost of living, but panic on the part of householders, retailers and dealers will only still further aggravate the situation.

The Mayor of Worcester has called a special City Council meeting next Tuesday to discuss the whole question of the assistance which shall be given to wives and dependants of Reservists.