From the archives of the Berrows Worcester Journal

World War One Raging – As its share of the 100,000 Army recruiting scheme nation-wide, Worcester has been asked to raise two battalions – 2,000 men.

Recruiting is proceeding very satisfactorily and at present a quarter of the men required have enrolled themselves and are now undertaking their initial training at Norton Barracks.

Worcester is providing its fair quota of recruits in response to Lord Kitchener’s appeal.

The rush on the first day or two was almost more than the Recruiting Officers could deal with, and there continues to be a steady stream of men, all anxious to take part in the war.

Since Friday, more than 400 men have enrolled at Worcester.

Upwards of 100 horses were purchased outright at Worcester for the Army on Friday last, and the purchasing authorities considered they had commanded a fair value.

Local bakers at Worcester have increased the price of bread by a half-pence.