From the archives of the Berrows Worcester Journal

On Thursday, for the third day in succession, there were more than 300 recruits for the Worcestershire Regiment under Lord Kitchener’s 100,000 Recruiting Scheme, the exact number being 375.

At the present time there are 1,600 recruits at Norton Barracks. This is more than enough to fill the first of two new battalions.

The Mayor of Worcester’s War Relief Fund for the dependants of those now on war duty has reached £715.

The proceeds from steamer trips to Holt Fleet from Worcester on Tuesday by both the Holt Castle and the Duchess of York were given over to the fund.

These amounted to £14. The minstrel on board one of the steamers also handed over his takings of 11 shillings.

A largely attended meeting, convened by the Lord Lieutenant, the Earl of Coventry, was held at the Shirehall on Saturday to launch a Worcestershire War Relief Fund.

Mr Stanley Baldwin received unanimous support for his resolution for the official setting up of the fund. This followed a stirring appeal from Lord Coventry.

Among the first promised donations were £100 from Lord Coventry, £50 from Lord Cobham and £50 from the Bishop of Worcester.