A GROUP of enthusiasts for electrically-powered cars have formed a club for like-minded eco-conscious motorists in Malvern.

And the group, the Malvern Hills Electric Automobile Association, or ElectrAA for short, is moving swiftly to make its mark, with a launch show at Malvern Theatres next month.

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, with one news report this week claiming that sales of the veicles in the EU in 2013 were double the previous year.

Dan Wild, the group's secretary, said: "2014 promises to be an exciting year in the field of electric-powered vehicles coming on the back of the programme to install two chargers at every motor services in the UK, the charging network building in the hotel market, and the start of the Formula E Grand Prix season in September."

He said the group's purpose is to promote electric vehicle use. "Malvern Hills seems an ideal area for this since the district council installed six 32 amp chargers with free supply and the local populace has a high proportion of active and retired scientists and academics. This group makes an obvious initial target for ElectrAA."

The launch show will be at Malvern Theatres on Sunday, September 21, and Mr Wild says the group has attratced strong support from the industry.

Among the vehicles they hope to feature are a Tesla, a Nissan, a Mazda RX7 converted from rotary to electric motor, a NIssan Van and Taxi, and of course the Plus E Morgan from Malvern's own car company. Invited speakers include industry figures Robert Llewellyn, Simon Crowfoot and Paul Churchley.

Mr Wild said: "We are keen to reduce the prejudice and ignorance against electric vehicles. The event, and the Question Time expert panel provides a tool for the the public to dispel it themselves.

" Attendees will be invited to join ElectrAA and we intend to hold quarterly events throughout 2015, accelerating frequency during 2016 as our membership grows and demand rises."