THE Source thought the good taxpayers of Worcestershire had heard it all about the shenanigans of our councillors, until this week.

Just to keep the entertainment flowing in Malvern, where the district council is never far away from shambolic infighting and tantrums, Councillor Clive 'woof' Smith has got himself banned from the building and had his emails blocked after a serious falling out with staff.

The veteran politician, who is so confused about politics he was once a Lib Dem but is now a Green, has told us chief executive Chris Bocock "erupted, blew up" with rage after he apparently crossed the line one last time whilst conducting himself with a junior employee over a trivial matter.

Whatever the case, The Source is fairly sure that the only losers in this farce are the good old residents of Malvern Link, who he is meant to represent.

Cllr Smith, incidentally, is known for having his yappy little dog follow him everywhere and was banned from the Great Malvern Hotel not so long ago, where he liked to drink, after his mutt started to bother staff.

The Source has come across many a man banned from his local before, but they tend to be those given orders by Her Majesty's courts, rather than elected members of our hallowed town halls.

At this rate he'll be housebound. Woof woof!

* LAST week a full meeting of Worcester City Council, which started at 7pm ended shortly before 12.30am, leaving many people unimpressed.

Yours truly was sent an email by one member of the public gallery the following day, saying it was one of the "most depressing experiences" he'd had in his entire life.

Labour Councillor Richard Boorn was so annoyed by the size of the agenda, which covered around 20 different topics, he fired off an email to managing director Duncan Sharkey after the event to complain.

The verdict of Councillor Adrian Gregson this week, who as a former council leader has been known to burn the candle at both ends, says it all.

"I for one am not going to stay until 12.30am again," he said.

Our disgruntled observer wasn't alone then.

* What's the difference between Nigel Farage and childbirth? One can be painful and excruciating to watch, and the other is childbirth.