PERSHORE appeared on prime time TV this weekend as Through the Keyhole explored the home of town resident, Toyah Willcox.

The 80s singer and voice of the Telly Tubbies lives in the centre of the town in a large Georgian home.

She became the latest victim of funny man Keith Lemon as he explored her large home, which she shares with husband Robert Fripp.

He originally filmed the segment back in May, when he was spotted in Pershore by some locals, including Hayley Tomkins, who said: "There was quite a big crowd around him and they had to hold their hands up to stop people clicking the photos while they were filming.

"There was quite a few people gathering and then everything came to a standstill. There was a back up along Broad Street, it was crazy.

"He seemed like a nice guy, but he scared me to death. I had my kids with me and I though what is he going to say. But he was great actually. He really played the part."

But the tour of the 56-year-olds home, which revealed a traditional home with some quirky aspects, including a rabbit that lived in a bedroom, was aired on the final episode on Saturday night.

Viewers also enjoyed seeing Willcox's large garden, which leads down to the river Avon, and checked out the basement in her home, where some of her husband's guitars are stored.

Pershore made a short appearance at the beginning of the final section when Lemon pretends to use the cash point in Bridge Street.