A ROMANIAN street dog with three legs and one eye dubbed 'Peg the Wonder Dog' continues to thrive after she was found a loving home here in Worcester.

Peg has now been in Worcester six weeks after her new owners Tania and Eddy Morris picked her up from kennels in Essex. In Romania Peg was kept in a filthy and cramped public shelter in Hunedoara where she suffered from an eye and leg infection without any veterinary help.

Mrs Morris of Church Road, Worcester, said dog fights were common and there was often little food or water and no bedding. But she has now landed on her feet - all three of them - and is now quite literally in doggy heaven after serving her time in hell.

Her eye was so badly infected it had to be removed and one of her front legs amputated to the shoulder but despite it all she is a happy dog.

Mrs Morris said: "We had sat in front of a photograph trying to figure out exactly how big she was as we really didn’t know, but all we were concerned about was giving her a future. We had quite a surprise when she was brought out of her kennel as despite missing a leg and an eye, she was happily running around exploring the outside world.

"She settled into home life very quickly and for the first few days, we carried her up and downstairs as we were worried about her falling down until one day by chance, I found her lay on our bed enjoying the sun. Since that day there has been no stopping her and already we sometimes forget about her disabilities.

"Peg herself has now become a mini celebrity and has taken first place in a couple of local dog shows in the Best Rescue class. Because she is quite different, we’re asked lots of questions about her background which has really helped raise awareness for blind dogs and the awful situation for the dogs in Romania.

"We’ve been amazed that despite everything Peg has been through, she is such a happy, loving and contented dog. We couldn’t have hoped for a better dog, despite missing a few bits and wouldn’t hesitate in taking another disabled rescue when the time is right."

The couple has set up “Peg’s Appeal – On-line Pet Competition” on Facebook which is raising funds for Blind Dog Rescue UK and Angel Watch Rescue and Rehome, Romania.

Mrs Morris said: "We have been very fortunate to have been sponsored by Marlin Rosettes in Devon who have supplied all the show rosettes and have also received donations of special prizes from members of the public." The show closes on October 25 with winners being announced the following day. Full details can be found here: www.facebook.com/pages/Pegs-Appeal-On-line-Pet-Competition/433926286745943).