“Great Recruiting Efforts” – The Worcestershire Regiment has now got nine battalions, each of which is more than 1,000 strong. There are also 900 men in training at the regimental depot at Norton Barracks, and in just three weeks, 1,900 men have been enrolled in this county.

“Worcester Corporation Horses Taken” – The War Office has been busy in Worcester collecting heavy horses which are needed for hauling guns. It has taken five of the score or so Worcester Corporation horses, for which it has paid £281. The loss of these horses will have some effect on the Corporation’s work particularly for the Streets Department with watering. The Worcester Gas Company has also had three of its horses taken. Arthur Jones, Master of the Worcestershire Hounds, has acquired about 50 hunters, thoroughbreds and draught horses on behalf of the War Office for service as chargers, riding horses and light draughts. The government is giving £70 for hunters, £50 for draught horses and £40 for riding horses.