On Thursday, 148 recruits joined at Norton Barracks, making a total for the month of nearly 2,900. Of the men at Norton, 80 go today to join the Special Reserve and 390 more will leave on Saturday, so that the depot is not likely to become overcrowded again. Orders have come down to Worcester that the Special Reserve Battalions of the Worcestershire Regiment (the 5th and the 6th) are to be increased to 2,000 men each.

The Fownes’ (Glove Factory) Male Voice Choir, assisted by a few friends, gave a concert at Norton Barracks on Thursday night in order to amuse the men now recruiting there. The concert was held in the YMCA Marquee and the majority of the men and officers attended.

Numerous cooking utensils, crockery, brushes, cloths and other articles are urgently needed to equip the contemplated Red Cross Hospital at Worcester. Those wishing to donate such items are requested to send them to Miss Oldham at the Nursing Institute.

More than 300 British wounded from the front have reached the London Hospital since Sunday night and all are progressing favourably. On Sunday, 117 men were taken from Waterloo Station to the hospital where beds were awaiting them.