“Worcestershire’s 5,000 Recruits” – There was another big day at Norton Barracks on Thursday, nearly 500 recruits arriving from all parts of the county. This brought the total number of recruits to Kitchener’s Army to about 5,000. This number is in addition to several hundred Territorials recruited since the war started and does not include such corps as the Old Public School Corps which 168 men from Worcestershire have joined up to this morning. So far 37 members of the Worcester Rowing Club have joined the Army in the past month.

Today about 80 recruits who have volunteered for service in the Chums’ Company of the Worcestershire Regiment left Malvern for Worcester and were given a rousing send off.

Among the 210 wounded being treated at the London Hospital are Private P. Forsdyck, Lance Corporal Leedham, Private S.

Taylor and Private L. Wyer, all of the Worcestershire Regiment.

The Worcester City Relief Fund for the dependants of men serving at the front now stands at £2,800.