SIR Edward Elgar and other eminent conductors will take part in a concert arranged by Madame Clara Butt to take place at the Royal Albert Hall on October 10 in aid of the war relief funds. The Queen’s Hall Orchestra will assist.

There are now 1,470 men in training at Norton Barracks and it is interesting to learn that during the past six weeks, 6,000 men have been enrolled locally into Kitchener’s Army. Of these, 2,200 have gone to form two new battalions of the Worcestershire Regiment, the 9th and 10th, and 2,000 have gone to double the strength of the 5th and 6th Battalions.

The ladies of the Worcestershire Regiment are sending “comforts” to the battalions at the front.

Any of the following articles would be gratefully received – Indelible pencils, postcards, Vaseline, boric ointment and powder, chocolate, acid drops, peppermints in small tins, body belts, socks, shirts, pocket knives, boot laces, lozenges etc.

Parcels should be sent to Mrs Wodehouse c/o the Capital and Counties’ Bank in Bank Street, Worcester.