A MOVE to ban snares on land across Worcester is on the verge of being finalised, it has emerged.

Worcester City Council's Conservative leadership is about to outlaw the controversial use of the pest-catching devices on all its land after concerns the tactic is inhumane.

For decades, snares have been a popular way to control predators, usually foxes but there has long been concern they injure other animals like cats, dogs, cows and badgers.

Back in February Councillor Green Laurenson, from the Green Party, managed to get a motion through full council calling for the council to ban anyone using the devices on its land.

A new policy has now been drafted, saying the council "has the ability to influence the animal welfare debate and lead by example" by putting it in place.

A report on it says investigations from the the League Against Cruel Sports and the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs’ (DEFRA) have proven that snares are "no more than 40 per cent effective" in targeting the right animal.

It also says "mammals that are protected by law such as badgers and otters and domestic pets such as cats and dogs" are regularly caught up in them.

The policy, which is due to be voted on by the Tory cabinet tomorrow night, states that the council wants to "set an example" to other organisations and the wider public by introducing it.

"It is recognised that snares can cause extreme suffering to animals and often lead to painful death," it adds.

Under the move, any new or renewed leases on council owned or managed land will include a clause on it.

Councillor Neil Laurenson said: "I am very pleased about this, it actually started when one of our Green Party members raised it and said 'we've got to do something about this'.

"Snares are not effective, they are immoral and I'm glad they are now looking to ban it."

A petition calling for the Government to ban snaring in England and Wales which has been signed by over 50,000 people.