AN unusual collection of vintage phone boxes have taken up residence at an Evesham home.

So far Evesham man, Anthony Green, who says "it's good to talk", has two red phone boxes at his home, with one taking pride of place in his front garden.

The Larkspur Drive resident has sourced the two telephone boxes, dating back to 1936 and 1974, and is now restoring them to their working condition.

And he hopes they will be connected to the main telephone line so people can use them to make calls.

"These two pieces of heritage are in the process of being restored to working condition with period working telephony equipment," said Mr Green.

"Some of your readers might remember the 1990's BT slogan, 'it's good to talk', well these telephone boxes are intended to be connected to the telephone network, so the public will be able to use these telephone boxes for their original intention."

The older box, which is the more familiar design is classed as a K6 design, and was purchased at an auction.

But the second box, which Mr Green sourced from Airbus in Bristol, is a K8 design, a very rare type of box.

It was designed by Bruce Martin and while the K8 retained a red colour scheme, it was a different shade of red, a slightly brighter poppy red, which went on to be the standard colour across all kiosks.

There are now just 12 left as the one pane made them vulnerable to damage and the nearest one to Evesham is at Worcester Shrub Hill railway station.

Mr Green added: "With technology moving as fast as it does today, we are forgetting the great workman ship from a previous age, I'm sure it won't be long before the iPhone will be extinct and also listed as a very rare commodity.

"The responses that I have received to date have been tremendous, both from people who remember the days when these were the only means of communication and also younger people who would have never made a phone call from one of these boxes.

"The neighbours love it and I just love it. I drive home and I see it and I love it."