ONCE again the world's only asparamancer has used Vale gras to predict what's in store for the planet during 2015.

As we enter the new year fortune teller Jemima Packington, who uses only Vale of Evesham asparagus to predict the future, has revealed what major events are set to take place this year.

Some of the headlines we are to expect include share prices plummeting more than usual over the new year period, the rise of oil prices and royal family members hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Last year Miss Packington, who reads the future by throwing the asparagus into the air and deciphering how it flies and falls, saw many of her predictions come true, including more royal pregnancies as the Duchess of Cambridge announced she was expecting again.

Miss Packington also foresaw the Middle Eastern politics giving rise to international concern and political turmoil dogging one leader.

She said: "Last year we did quite well," she said. "This year unfortunately it's a bit like 2013, where it was quite gloomy. It's like there's clouds hanging over use.

"There's so much going on in different places now. We just have to grit our teeth for 2015 and keep on keeping on.

"We are going to have some fun around the general election, I have a prediction but I am not saying it."


Watch share prices plummet over the New Year period - more so than would normally be expected.

Oil prices will rise again and the impact will be felt on the economy overall.

Turmoil within EU membership as certain countries fail to stabilise their economies. The effect of this will be far reaching around the world.

British politics will cause great excitement around the time of the General Election which coincides with the date of local elections. The winning party's majority will be slight.

The Far East will continue to be in the spotlight and there will continue to be unrest as more and more demonstrations will be held by dissatisfied factions.

There will be a seed change in the type of movies being produced and there will be less violence and more emphasis on family entertainment.

The British love affair with 'scripted reality ' stars will end. Do not be surprised to see certain shows cancelled.

Sports will see a renaissance of successful sportsmen and sportswomen but football will continue to be dogged by scandals and controversy.

Royal Family members will make the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The winter weather will be remembered for the cold extending well into spring.