A DYING transsexual’s dream of a white wedding has become a reality after her appeal for help in Your Worcester News went viral – and the whole special day was organised in just 18 hours.

Brain tumour sufferer Parma Bertoli, who has fewer than 12 months to live, will marry her fiancé Stephanie Nickles at a once-in-a-lifetime ceremony in February.

The couple from Warndon, Worcester, who fell in love as men before having sex change operations, thought their lack of friends and funds would mean their big day never came.

But the local community, led by event organiser Malvin Hobbs, got behind the emotional story, pledging everything from traditional white dresses to beautiful flowers needed to fulfil the romantic pair’s hopes.

Ms Bertoli said: “I feel stunned and overjoyed.

“So many people have rallied around to help us in our predicament and we both want to express our thanks and gratitude for their tremendous support.

“The wedding is long over-due. We had bought rings in the past but had to sell them due to financial problems – but now can look forward to a brilliant day”.

Ms Nickles, who will be given away by Mr Hobbs, added: “We are on such a high and over-the-moon.

“I never thought so many people would come forward to help and I have been taken aback by it all.

“It is going to be a fantastic occasion that we thought was never going to happen.”

Malvin Hobbs, managing director of Malvern-based events company Events Xcellence Ltd, was moved to tears when he heard of the couple’s heart-wrenching situation.

He decided to get involved and, using his industry contacts, helped inspire pledges of all the services and goods required for the big day in less than 24 hours.

“I ended up crying in the middle of B&Q after speaking to Stephanie on the phone about her appeal”, he said.

“I thought this needs to be done and we need to bring the community of Worcester together.

“In particular I couldn’t believe Stephanie and Parma had no-one to invite to the wedding so I’m gathering people to attend the big day.

“The support we’ve received has been overwhelming but it is not about me – it is about a couple in love who want to get married before it is too late.”

He added that he was “angry” at negative comments internet users had posted on stories about the couple, stating “people’s background should not make any difference” and instead the public should focus on the positives of the story.