GREAT Witley may seem a world away from West Africa that hasn't stopped but a group of local women from getting together to help with the Ebola disease crisis there.

The women, most of them grandmothers, were moved by media images of young children watching their loved ones die for lack of medical intervention, and decided to do something about it.

They will be running a bring-and-buy sale at Great Witley Village Hall on Saturday, January 17, from 10am until 2pm, with proceeds going to Save the Children to support its work with children affected by the Ebola crisis.

And West Worcestershire MP Hariett Baldwin has agreed to come along and open the event.

Jane Westacott, one of the organisers, said: “We know that our contribution will, in the overall scheme of things, be small.

"However, we hope that publicising our efforts may encourage similar groups across the UK to do what they can. We need people to come to support us, have tea and cake on a day out in the countryside. We have good quality items to sell and will be more than just a jumble sale."

The group has been planning the event for several weeks now and members have been amazed by the enthusiasm that has been generated locally for the event.

Donations of jewellery, plants, hats, top-brand clothing, toiletries, homemade cakes, preserves, books, crafts and excellent bric-a-brac have already been received.

Further volunteers and contributions of saleable items will be welcome, in advance or on the day. To find out more, contact 01299 896432 or