A PUB landlady suffered a cut head after a customer threw a pint glass when she challenged him over the behaviour of his dogs which had been bothering other customers.

Lee Handy was at the Blue Bell Inn in Malvern when the threw the glass after a complaint was received by a customer about his dogs and the landlady confronted him.

Handy, aged 30, of Lognor Walk, Liverpool, admitted assault against Sarah Jane Cuddy at Worcester Magistrates Court on Monday.

The ground worker was visiting his child in the town (the child was not with him at the time) during the incident at round 2.30pm on August 2 last year, the court was told.

Lesley Ashton, prosecuting, said he was in the front garden with two of his dogs and a customer spoke to the manager about the manner in which Handy's dogs were behaving.

When Ms Cuddy spoke to him about the matter his response to her was 'if you want to bar me, bar me' Miss Ashton said.

Miss Ashton said the landlady made the decision to remove his pint of lager at which point he followed her into the pub and picked up a full glass of wine from the serving counter and walked back outside.

Miss Ashton said: "She followed him out and tried to remove the glass of wine from his hand. He would not let go. However, he did let go and then began to walk away but then turned and picked up a pint glass from a table and threw it.

"That glass bounced against the door frame over the entrance to the bar. It rebounded, striking Sarah Cuddy to her head."

It caused a 2cm cut which bled. The incident was witnessed by other members of the public.

Julia Powell, defending, said: "He's extremely sorry for what happened. He had a dreadful journey to Worcester. He normally resides in Liverpool. He was coming to see his nine-year-old son. He missed his train and his connecting train. He left his suitcase on the train. Generally things had gone from bad to worse."

Handy was convicted of criminal damage in 2006. The court heard how he brought his dogs with him on the train.

Ms Powell said: "He was rather upset about the way he was being spoken to. He accepts his behaviour was highly inappropriate. He had considered returning to the pub to apologise but he has been advised against that. He has sent an email to the pub apologising for his behaviour."

District judge Nigel Cadbury said: "This is a serious matter because you lost your temper and used a pint glass as a weapon which ended up injuring your victim.

"If you had the glass in your hand you would undoubtedly be going to prison today. I don't know whether the evidence is clear whether it was intended to hit her or was a reckless act."

He sentenced Handy to 12 weeks imprisonment suspended for 12 months.

He added: "In all likelihood some scarring will remain. There may be some permanent injury to the victim."

He also placed him under supervision for 12 months and ordered him to complete 120 hours of unpaid work.

Handy was also ordered to pay £500 compensation to the victim. He also ordered him to pay £85 costs and an £80 victim surcharge. Ms Cuddy declined to comment about the incident when contacted by the Worcester News.