FUNDRAISERS donated £6,000 to Kidderminster Hospital to buy a new piece of equipment to help people recovering from breast cancer.

A group of residents of Cleobury Mortimer, near Kidderminster raised the cash for the fat transfer machine through a series of events including tea parties and soup suppers, and the amount they raised was matched by Lloyds Bank.

The fundraising was led by cancer survivor Shaunah Murrell, who was treated at the hospital in 2013.

The 77-year-old said: “I’ve bored all my friends to tears telling them about my treatment at Kidderminster.

“I was overwhelmed by the care the team provided me.

“Breast cancer is such a frightening thing, the fact that the staff at the hospital are so fantastic really helps you get through it.

“I was determined to do something to give back to those who cared for me. It wasn’t long before the whole town was behind the cause and the money was raised.”

The fat transfer machine is used to remodel the breast of patients following treatment for the condition in a faster and less invasive way.

Consultant breast surgeon at the hospital Michelle Mullan said: “Surgery that removes part of the breast can be effective in the treatment of breast cancer but occasionally results in minor tissue loss and distortion in shape.

“By using a fat transfer machine, lipofilling can be performed as a day case with minimal scarring and a recovery time of a few days.

“The machine removes fat from a patient’s abdomen and processes it so we are able to insert it into their breast.

“We are so grateful for this donation. Our old machine took an hour to do what this new machine does in 10 minutes.

“This means less time under the knife for our patients which helps speed up their recovery.”