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A FIRST aider tried to provide care to a man who suffered a head injury in a ‘horrible’ quad bike crash which has left a community in shock.

The 22-year-old man, named locally as Nick Ferrier, is still fighting for his life in hospital says his mum following the crash in Worcester on Sunday.

Police declined to confirm whether or not he was wearing a helmet but under the law quad bike riders do not have to wear one although it is recommended.

Janie Ferrier said on the Worcester News Facebook page: “That someone’s child is mine. He was only taking the quad two minutes away to a van so he could go on private land to drive it. My son is lay in intensive care in a critical condition.”

Mr Ferrier struck the side of a blue Mazda which was damaged by the impact. The car’s owner was the same man who put Mr Ferrier in the recovery position to try and open his airway following the horrific crash in Green Lane, Rainbow Hill, Worcester at around 10am on Sunday.

He was flown by air ambulance to the major trauma centre at the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham for a CT scan and surgery.

Witnesses said the quad bike hit the side of the parked blue Mazda as Mr Ferrier was travelling towards Merrimans Hill away from Rainbow Hill.

The quad bike then hit the front of another parked car - a silver Volkswagen Bora - before the rider was thrown off the bike, hitting a brick gate post.

The first aider, who did not wish to be named, said: “I’m still a bit emotional. I was just in my front room at the time. I heard a revving noise and then we heard a thud. That was when my partner went outside and saw there was an accident.

“I could see the bike had hit the front of the silver car and I walked down to where the guy was. People had started coming out of the houses. When I got to where he was there was a person already on the phone, ringing for an ambulance. I thought ‘I need to be helping him out’.

"I decided to do what I could to make sure his airway was open. Fortunately the position he ended up in was very close to being in the recovery position anyway. He didn’t have a helmet. There was no helmet.”

He said he did not wish to move him too much because of the risk of a spinal injury. They were taking instructions at all times from a person at the emergency call centre. They found out his name because he had his passport with him and were telling him ‘Nick, it’s okay’. There were about three people around Mr Ferrier at the time as they waited for the ambulance to arrive.

The man, a first aider at work for 20 years, said: “I have had to deal with a few cuts and grazes but it’s nothing like this. My thoughts and prayers are with him.”

He said the main visible injury was to the man’s forehead. The first aider’s partner said: “I just hope he’s all right. My partner is quite caring. He is a very good natured bloke, always wanting to help people.”

One witness, who declined to be named, said: “I heard a bang and I looked up and saw him flying through the air. It was horrible.”

Another witness said: “I heard the bang. I understand the car was parked. He wasn’t hit by a moving vehicle. It’s a shock. You don’t expect it do you?”

Another witness said: “I was upstairs just trying to get my husband out of bed. It was the most horrific thump. We knew it was a person. I was worried my cat Rocky was involved.

"I have three cats and he is the only one that goes out. He hit a silver car and he’s gone over the top.

"People were with him in seconds. They were comforting and caring for him. It was horrendous. I’m a parent as well. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.”

She said those who had helped the man had done a ‘fantastic job’.

Gemma Sherrie Alder said on Facebook: “He will make it, he never backs down, he’s a fighter.”