Has an alien spaceship been visiting the skies of Worcester?

This amateur footage captures an unidentified object floating above the city and some believe it could be proof of extra-terrestrial life.

Forget Roswell, New Mexico – it was taken in Ronkswood, Worcester.

But the man behind the camera is a sceptic and is just “curious” to find out what the object could have been.

Luke Gregg said: “I'm very much a sceptic when it comes to these things so by no means did I think that it was an alien spaceship or something equally paranormal.

“I just wanted to find out what it was really.

“I noticed an object floating in the sky. At first I thought it was a flag or a piece of litter blowing in the wind, after being caught on telegraph pole cables.

“But as I got closer I realised that the object was hovering in the sky.

“Even more intriguing, another object - a black dot - was hovering above the main object and after about 20 seconds of filming the black dot swooped downwards behind some trees, rose back up again for a few seconds and then disappeared altogether.

“The main object appeared to be shimmering in the sky like the motion of a stingray fish underwater. It did move slightly up and down and side to side too, but very slowly.”

He is not however convinced the video is proof of life on other planets, suggesting the black dot could have been a “buzzard swooping down in attack” while the main object may have been “a black plastic sheet caught on a thermal breeze”.

“I asked a passer-by what he thought it may have been but he didn't have a clue either”, added Mr Gregg.

“Apart from him I was wondering if anyone else saw this object?”

He believes the object was hovering over Worcester Woods and that plenty of drivers may have seen it from Nunnery Way or the M5 motorway.

The film was taken on Sunday, March 15, at about 11.45am.