A VANDAL who smashed three shop windows must pay for the damage but one of his victims who has yet to receive an apology said he should be made to clean windows instead.

Kyle Thornelow, aged 20, of Shap Drive, Warndon, Worcester handed himself in after he recognised a photograph of himself pictured in the act on the Worcester News Facebook page.

The still from the CCTV shows him kicking in one of the windows.

Thornelow, who is unemployed, admitted three counts of criminal damage when he appeared before district judge Nigel Cadbury at Worcester Magistrates Court today (Monday).

He smashed three windows in Lowesmoor, Worcester, but said he could not remember breaking them.

The windows were damaged at The Little Laundrette (damage £850), Perfectan (£570 plus £90 for advertising transfers) and Perfect Nails and Lashes (£631.68) at around 3.10am on December 6 last year.

Adrian Jones, prosecuting, said CCTV picked up Thornelow 'kicking and punching windows in Lowesmoor'.

He said: "It was put on the Facebook site of the Worcester News to try and identify the person. The photograph showed a person kicking and striking windows on a number of occasions.

"He presented himself at Worcester Police Station and said he was the person responsible for the damage."

He told police he had been out in Worcester at the Flag pub.

Mr Jones said: "He didn't remember damaging the window but was told by a friend he had damaged the windows and was on the internet doing so.

"He said he could not remember it but said it was him in the photograph and accepted responsibility."

Mark Lister, defending, said: "He was drinking. He admits it. As soon as he became aware of the CCTV on the Worcester News he realised it was him and went into the police station.

"Without having done that it would have been difficult for the prosecution to be brought by the crown prosecution service.

"Having seen the CCTV he realised drink was not his friend. He has cut down significantly. He limits himself to a few drink and goes onto water so this does not happen again."

Mr Lister said although Thornelow lived with his mum he would also 'sofa surf', staying with friends and was 'looking for employment'.

He is not claiming benefits Mr Lister said.

District judge Nigel Cadbury said it was 'an aggravating feature' that there had been a similar matter recorded against Thornelow in July.

Mr Cadbury placed him on an electronically tagged curfew which will end on the eve of when Thornelow goes on a pre-paid, pre-booked holiday on June 1.

The curfew will run between 9pm and 7am daily. He must pay £250 for each window he smashed.

Mr Cadbury said he did not believe Thornelow had the means to pay the full cost of the damage and that £250 for each window should cover the insurance excess.

He was also ordered to pay a £60 victim surcharge.

No order was made for costs.

Mike Cornish, owner of Perfectan, speaking after the sentence was delivered, said: "He's obviously got money for a holiday. It would be nice if he had come in and apologised and said what a stupid idiot he was.

"I would not have kicked him out the door. I would have taken his apology."

He suggested a better punishment would be 50 to 100 hours of unpaid work 'cleaning windows'.

He said he had to replace not only the windows but the graphics on the window.

He added: "It was a sheer-minded act of stupidity. We all get drunk and do stupid things but I don't think I've ever thought of kicking a window in when I've had one too many.

"It's not been great for the business. I have had to wait for the insurance to sort it out."