A MAN who died at home from injuries from a chainsaw was an undiagnosed schizophrenic, an inquest was told.

Andrew Bartosik, aged 50, was found dead at his home in Troutbeck Drive, Warndon, on March 26 this year.

The inquest heard that Mr Bartosik, a painter and decorator, had been showing some signs of the mental disorder, although he was never diagnosed with any mental health issues.

A post-mortem report said the medical cause of death was blood loss due to extensive chainsaw injuries to the neck, There was no evidence of alcohol or drug use.

Andrew Cox, assistant coroner for Worcestershire, recorded a verdict that Mr Bartosik took his own life.

Mr Cox read out a statement from Mr Bartosik's daughter, Natasha.

It said: "My mother, Diana, was married to my father but they separated 15 years ago. Even though I've not lived with my dad for years I always had a close relationship with him.

"I would speak to him every week and I would go to see him and stay at his house every other weekend.

"I would describe my dad as an out-going person with a few close friends. He was easy-going and not one to get involved in conflict.

"He was a healthy person even though he smoked cigarettes. He never seemed to get ill. He didn't officially have mental health issues but I think I know myself he did."

The statement said that in 2014 Mr Bartosik, who was born in Worcester, had previously attempted to take his own life because he "thought people were talking about him".

The statement from Miss Bartosik continued: "Dad started to ask me what people were saying about him. He asked me to Google the symptoms of schizophrenia. His sister had schizophrenia. He kept on saying his phone was being hacked."

Miss Bartosik said her father paid for her driving lessons, and when he didn't drop round the money or answer her calls on March 25 and 26, she became worried and went to visit her father where she found his body in the living room.

The inquest heard that Mr Bartosik had a chainsaw resting in his lap, having previously been using it to cut a hedge outside. His body was surrounded by notes to his daughter.

Police confirmed there was no third party involvement.

Reports from police officer DS Percival, said the chance of Mr Bartosik's death being an accident are "very slim", and there was an indication from the notes that he was suffering from schizophrenia but he had no formal diagnosis and was not involved with mental health services.

Mr Cox said: "The notes were saying what was going through his mind but not saying that he wanted to kill himself. I don't believe this was an accident or a cry for help. Taking a chainsaw to your own neck can only reflect one intent.