SHOPPERS and people walking on their way to work can hardly fail to spot a host of colourful planters that have sprung up around Worcester city centre.

There are now 23 planters around the city centre, including outside the Hive, in Worcester's historic Friar Street, and around Foregate Street, and while they aim to make the city brighter, it is hoped they will also help alleviate parking problems around the city centre.

The planters were put in place by Worcester BID, an organisation which works to improve trading conditions for local businesses, on Wednesday.

Adrian Field, head of Worcester BID, said: "The planters have been fully funded by the Worcester BID which in itself is funded via a levy of businesses — they are not a City Council initiative.

"They are one of a number of projects decided upon by the businesses themselves and are part of our five year business plan. They wanted to create a more attractive city centre with a bit more colour. The planters are the first stage of that and we are about to begin the process of having a comprehensive hanging basket programme ready for next year.

"There hasn’t been a hanging basket scheme in Worcester since 2009 and the business community felt that we need to have them back.

"We expect the flowers to grow and cascade over the sides in the next few weeks so they will look better and better. We have tried to place them at sites where they will be seen by many, where they don’t get in the way of pedestrians, and where they spruce up an area. A few are located to partly alleviate parking issues such as the over-ranking by taxis on Foregate Street and outside Laura Ashley on Broad Street."

Despite some people criticising the planters on your Worcester News' Facebook page, saying they will simply become easy targets for vandals, others are pleased about their appearance.

Sandra Lewis said: "Every town and village in the area use planters and hanging baskets to brighten up their high streets, so why can't Worcester do the same?

"After all, we are a Cathedral city trying to promote visitors to come here and maybe spend money, so stop moaning and be proud of your Faithful city" while Liza Nicol said: " I think they have added a lovely splash of colour to the city."