WORCESTER’S first-ever dairy-free cheese festival was held last weekend.

Everything on offer at the event at St Mary’s Hall in Northfield Street was made from soya and other vegetable products rather than animal milk.

The event on Sunday, July 12 was hosted by Worcester Vegans & Veggies and the Vegan Cheese Lovers Club.

Ronald Lee of Worcester Vegans & Veggies said: "Many people think cheese can only be made from the milk of cows or other animals, but that certainly isn't the case as it can also be produced from a range of vegetable sources.

"A wide variety of delicious vegan cheeses can already be purchased from health food shops and some supermarkets, but Sunday's event was all about gourmet varieties that can be made at home, with recipes being available as well as the cheese.”

He added 450,000 cows and 100,000 male calves are slaughtered every year by the UK dairy industry.