A fundraising event to help children battling life threatening diseases is in doubt, because "selfish" travellers have set up camp where it would be going ahead.

It is unclear whether a marathon run in aid of Acorns Children's Hospice will go ahead on Sunday, at the Perdiswell Sports Centre, after travellers have parked seven caravans on its grounds- it is unknown when they plan to move on.

Black Pear Joggers has organised the event, after four months of planning, but its chairman says the health and safety of the runners must be taken into consideration.

Mike Lane said: "They cause a lot of mess, and we have to take into consideration the amount of abuse runners could get.

"We also have to consider damage to people's vehicles too. We don't want to antagonise this situation.

"Where they have settled is right where the race would go ahead. It's very frustrating, certain people think they can do what they want.

"We would love nothing more than to host the event, but it's people's safety at stake here."

Two traveller's caravans arrived on the site on Tuesday, but last night (Wednesday, July 15) more arrived.

Worcester City Council plans to issue the travellers with a court order today (Friday, July 17). That will give the travellers two working days to leave, otherwise they will be evicted by the police.

One of the travellers told your Worcester News they will not cause any damage, and when they leave in a "few days", the site will be clear of mess.

The running organisation says it is in talks with Worcester's Royal Grammar School, and schools in Malvern, to host the fundraiser, but a new venue needs to be able to accommodate a two and a half mile track,which will be ran ten times by the participants to make up a marathon distance.

So far, 270 people from across the country have signed up to the event, titled The Wild One: Multi Lapped Marathon, raising more than £1,000 for the hospice in entry fees.

Mr Lane says if the event has to be cancelled, refunds will have to be given to those who request them, meaning less money is donated to the hospice.

He said: "We don't know what the situation will be from one day to the next, and although we're looking at alternatives, it's touch and go whether it will go ahead.

"It's a nightmare situation at the moment.

"This event was for charity and that money could massively help a family whose child is fighting a devastating disease.

"There could be people who miss out big time on the hospice's care, because of these selfish travellers.

"It would be a real shame if we have to cancel as a lot of people have put in a lot of work into this.

"It's so frustrating."