IT may sound quite bizarre but soon the humble soup bowl could be the path for projects and businesses to receive funding.

Worcester Soup, a unique micro-funding dinner event, is set to be launched in the city on Sunday, September 13.

Guests will pay a voluntary donation of a minimum of £4 entry and bring food to share.

They will be given a bowl of soup and hear four pitches and, after asking four questions of each project, they will decide who will be given the door money by casting their vote in a ballot box.

Bruce Simpson, Worcester Soup founder, said he was inspired after reading about the amazing work of US-based founders Detroit Soup.

He said the real value of the event comes from the encouragement it offers those wanting to make a difference in Worcester.

“We can see from the success of other Soups, across the world and in the UK, that creating a safe place for a diverse group of people to share ideas and support each other for the benefit of the community can have wonderful results.

"It will be a really fun event open to all.

"There will also be a featured artist and musician at each event, and plenty of opportunity to share ideas to benefit Worcester.”

Worcester Soup, set to be held at S.T.A.R.S, Stanley Road from 5.30pm to 8.30pm, is joining a fast growing network of other Soups in the UK.

At the beginning of April, there were only a few events happening in towns and cities in the country but tHere are now over 20 regular events.

Mr Simpson described the event as being like the popular television programme Dragons Den but run by Worcester people for the benefit of the community.

Instead of entrepreneurs deciding the winner, attendees vote on which idea or project wins the money raised from the door entry money.

They will listen to four people selected before the event pitch their idea for four minutes before voting.

For more information visit, @worcestersoup on Twitter or \worcestersoup on Facebook.

Worcester Soup is now accepting proposals for those wanting to pitch on the night.

The closing date for proposals is Thursday, August 13.

Projects can be submitted via the website or via ideas boxes in various locations across the city.