IT has all gone a bit nuts for the secretary of a private members club after the story of a drunken squirrel ransacking the bar went international.

Sam Boulter said he is now stopped in the street, been referred to as "Squirrel Man" and had people drop in for a pint at the now world-famous Honeybourne Railway Club.

The spotlight was turned on the Worcestershire club, near Evesham, after your Worcester News and Evesham Journal reported that a squirrel had accidentally been locked in the pub and caused hundreds of pounds of damage.

The rodent managed to flood the bar with ale, smashed glasses and bottles before he was discovered in the morning looking a little worse for wear.

It quickly gathered momentum with the national press covering the story and eventually reaching newspapers in France, Australia, India and America as well as radio and television news.

Mr Boulter said the reaction to the story has been "tremendous" and he has spent the last week speaking to national newspapers, radio stations and magazines who had all picked up on our story.

"The response after you covered the story was tremendous.

"It's been amazing.

"A friend has got relatives in New Zealand and he said it has on there, another came up to me and told me we're famous in Ireland.

"I get stopped in the street and people have started calling me squirrel man but everyone in the club just keeps on giving me stick.

"We've had people coming into the bar for a pint.

"It was just one of those once-in-a-lifetime stories."

Despite the massive media attention, life goes on as normal for the club which will be holding its monthly charity bingo on Saturday, July 25 at 8pm in aid of Ourside Youth Association.

"It has been great, everyone has been speaking about it here and they've absolutely loved it.

"We haven't seen the squirrel again but he is sill banned."